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Primasys and Automotive Programme Management

The automotive industry is tough; possibly the toughest there is. There are numerous business drivers bringing further pressure on already wafer-thin margins, so all new programmes have to be delivered on time and start to realise the benefits straight away in order to keep ahead of competition.

Primasys can assist you right through an IT and/or business transformation programme; from the very first steps of outlining and qualifying the necessity for change, through requirements capture and prioritisation, and on through development, deployment, test, and launch.

We pride ourselves on our capability in the critical early phases of a project; it is here that most major decisions are made that determine the ultimate success of a project. We can provide expert assistance in the application and vendor selection process, and advise on the most appropriate project management and development methodology taking full account of our clients' goals and constraints. Having worked extensively in the industry, we can bring a combination of impartiality, deep industry knowledge and experience and a level of professionalism that cannot be found elsewhere, either amongst solution vendors nor amongst the "big" IT providers.

Hand-in-hand with the successful deployment of a new IT solution comes a comprehensive Change Management programme. Often in the automotive industry this will involve a far-reaching, multi-lingual, multinational programme involving suppliers, partners or franchised dealerships with interests not necessarily tightly aligned to those of the manufacturer. In such circumstances a programme change management specialist is required who has the attributes required to succeed:

  • proven experience and a far-ranging background in the industry, capable of applying that knowledge to quickly establish a rapport and build trust with people involved in the programme
  • proven business skills; able to analyse, develop solutions, influence and then deliver.
  • well-developed people management and communication skills.

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