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Primasys and Warranty Management

Warranty has emerged in recent years as one of the major pain points in the automotive and manufacturing sector, and far greater focus is being placed today on warranty management as a critical business area than ever before.

We have years of experience and thought-leadership in the warranty and aftermarket domain, and have written and advised extensively on the challenges facing the industry, and how to address them most effectively. We can identify the weaknesses in your value chain, and work closely with you to rectify these by adopting the most up-date and relevant warranty and aftermarket IT solutions and processes.

In advanced companies, managing warranty is now rightly recognised as an enterprise-wide challenge, impacting multiple departments, including Quality, Customer Service, Product Engineering, Finance, and Procurement.

IT systems and business processes need to reflect and support such an end-to-end approach, with visibility and ease of access to information. As yet no single system has the capability to manage the entire warranty value chain effectively; consequently all manufacturers rely on a suite of applications incorporating functions of Dealer Management Systems, ERPs, Business Intelligence, Content Management, and Business Rules Engines, not to mention numerous legacy mainframe systems.

Leveraging the deep domain expertise of Primasys means your warranty IT system and business transformation programmes are managed by subject matter experts who reliably see these complex and risk-laden programmes through to successful conclusions.

Click here to read the White Paper from Primasys Director Rob Pritchard on the support offered by current BI solutions for collaborative working and managing initiatives to resolve product and organisational performance concerns.

The White Paper looks at how feature-rich Business Intelligence tools have made a major impact on warranty management, but asks whether there is still more to come. It argues that there remains a great deal of improvement that can be achieved in reducing the overall time it takes from identifying a concern to deciding and applying the corrective action. BI tools’ focus  on reporting is one thing, but what is the next frontier? Need they expand their remit to incorporate collaborative tools alongside reporting functionality to ensure the quickest possible resolution?
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